Previous Songs:

21 Guns
American Idiot the Musical

Into The Woods
Soloist: Kyle Ooi and Gary Rabenold
Arranger: Janie Herbener and Gary Rabenold

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody
The Great Gatsby
Soloist: Lucia Grandison
Arranger: Janie Herbener

All That Jazz
Soloist: Tria Hain

Arranger: Ricki Pettinato and Janie Herbener

Soloist: Baran Yasar
Arranger: Baran Yasar

As Long As You’re Mine
Soloist: Lauren Molina and Ricki Pettinato
Arranger: Ricki Pettinato

A Way Back to Then

In the Heights
Soloist: Margaret Lewis
Arranger: Stephanie Drahozal

Breath of Life
Snow White and the Huntsman
Soloist: Emma Milford
Arranger: Baran Yasar and Ricki Pettinato

Broadway, Here I Come

Soloist: Delaney Holden/ Lauren Molina
Arranger: Janie Herbener and Ricki Pettinato

Arranger: Stephanie Drahozal

The Huntsman: A Winter’s War
Soloist: Olivia Wright
Arranger: Kathryn Williams and Sydney Chiu

Cell Block Tango

Children’s Theme Song Medley
Soloist: Kyle Cameron, Ricki Pettinato, Kathryn Williams, Lauren Molina, Baran Yasar, Steven Guenthner, and Kristen Fernhoff
Arranger: Steven Guenthner

Damn it Janet
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Soloist: Kyle Cameron and Kathryn Williams
Arranger: Steven Guenthner

Death Medley

December 1963 (Oh, what a Night)
Jersey Boys the Musical
Soloist: Roman Accardi
Arranger: Benjamin Zev, Noah Berkowitz, and Kendrick Rogers

Do You Hear the People Sing
Les Miserables
Arranger: Stephanie Drahozal

Dr. Horrible Medley
Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog
Soloist: Steven Guenthner, Alex Tinianow, and Nora Long
Arranger: Nora Long

Duel of the Fates/Binary Sunset
Star Wars
Arranger: Gary Rabenold and Kyle Ooi

Elephant Love Medley
Moulin Rouge
Soloist: Molly Sevcik and Sanaa Abrar
Arranger: Stephanie Drahozal

Flesh Failures/Let the Sun Shine

Game of Thrones Theme
Game of Thrones
Arranger: Benjamin Zev and Steven Lee

Gee, Officer Krupke
West Side Story
Soloist: Alex Tinianow, Stephanie Drahozal, Erin Wrightson, and Steven Guenthner
Arranger: Erin Wrightson

Granger Danger
A Very Potter Musical

I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
Soloist: Olivia Wright
Arranger: Janie Herbener and Gary Rabenold

I’ll Be There For You
Arranger: Benjamin Zev and Lauren Molina

I’m All Alone
Soloist: Stephanie Drahozal
Arranger: Stephanie Drahozal and Alex Tinianow

Little Shop of Horrors Medley

Magic to Do
Soloist: Kristen Fernhoff
Arranger: James Dunbar and Ricki Pettinato 

Master of the House
Les Miserables
Soloist: Baran Yasar and Ricki Pettinato
Arranger: Ricki Pettinato


Moon River
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Arranger: Erin Wrightson and Kathleen Hiltz

My Heart Will Go On
Soloist: Ricki Pettinato
Arranger: Kathleen Hiltz

Nine Medley

Nine People’s Favorite Thing

Nothing Like A Dame
South Pacific

Once We Were Kings
Billy Eliot the Musical
Arranger: Stephanie Drahozal

On the Street Where You Live
My Fair Lady
Arranger: Kathleen Hiltz

Songs for a New World

Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera
Soloist: Lucia Grandison and Roman Accardi
Arranger: Kyle Ooi and Gary Rabenold

Rains of Castamere
Game of Thrones
Soloist: Kathryn WIlliams and Alex Tinianow
Arranger: Kyle Cameron

Run Freedom Run

Skyfall (James Bond)
Soloist: Baran Yasar/ Steven Lee
Arranger: Kathryn Williams and Ricki Pettinato

Something’s Coming
West Side Story
Arranger: Steven Guenthner and Ricki Pettinato 

So Much Better
Legally Blonde The Musical
Soloist: Lauren Molina
Arranger: Janie Herbener and Delaney Holden

Les Misérables
Soloist: Gary Rabenold
Arranger: Gary Rabenold

Summer Nights
Soloist: Kyle Cameron and Gabby Schneider
Arranger: Kathleen Hiltz

Take Me or Leave Me (2012)
Soloist: Megan Boyd and Jessica Jones
Arranger: James Dunbar

Take Me or Leave Me (2017)
Soloist: Jada Gardner and Janie Herbener
Arranger: Lucia Grandison and Gary Rabenold

The John Williams Movie Medley of Awesomeness

The Song of Purple Summer
Spring Awakening

The Sound of Music Medley
The Sound of Music
Soloist: Stephanie Darhozal and Gaby Schneider
Arranger: Stephanie Drahozal and Kathleen Hiltz

There Are Worse Things I Could Do
Soloist: Stephanie Darhozal
Arranger: Molly Sevcik

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Through Heaven’s Eyes
Prince of Egypt
Arranger: Ricki Pettinato, Baran Yasar, and Kyle Cameron

Time of My Life
Dirty Dancing
Soloist: Gary Rabenold and Olivia Wright
Arranger: Janie Herbener

Tiger Song
The Hangover
Soloist: Steven Guenthner
Arranger: Kathleen Hiltz

Toucha Toucha Touch Me
Rocky Horror Picture Show

Wait For It
Soloist: Kendrick Rogers, Olivia Wright, Kathryn Williams, Tria Hain, Lauren Molina, Chloe Zack
Arranger: Janie Herbener and Gary Rabenold

Waving Through a Window
Dear Evan Hansen
Soloist: Roman Accardi
Arranger: Roman Accardi

What I Did For Love
A Chorus Line
Arranger: Stephanie Drahozal

What is This Feeling?

You Can’t Stop the Beat
Soloist:Kathryn Williams and Ricki Pettinato
Arranger: Ricki Pettinato

You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
How the Grinch Stole Christmas

You Will Be Found/ Flashlight
Dear Evan Hansen/Pitch Perfect 2
Soloist: Jada Gardner and Lucia Grandison
Arranger: Roman Accardi, Chloe Zack, and Lucia Grandison

All that you see above and a ton more!!